Monday, February 21, 2005

A star(let) is b(u)orn(ed)

My debut as a starlet, soon to emerge as a supernova as Francois told me several nights ago. I performed with five other progressive gays (Jude Bacalso, Niel Kintanar, Luis Cabatingan, Jet Garigade, and Dr. Lino Abos) in COCKTALES, a gay monologue regarding our loves and relationships. Thanks are due to the Pink Posse, my UP friends and fans (hehe), and the Rainbow Connection, for watching the show on February 13. My life lately has taken on a very positive turn. I hope this stays this way. Anyway, other developments: I interviewed Sec. Ace Durano at Mai restaurant last 12th for Southwall magazine's summer issue; Aldwyn left for Britain last 16th, and I met Otoy, my 3rd cousin once removed, two nights ago in Argao. He's funny and smart. and suffice it to say that I can't take him out of my mind since. (Sigh).


moki said...

ever the incestuous faggot. haha!


Growler said...

i guess it runs in every Posse's blood to get attracted to its relatives... take sijie and moki for example. hahhaa... don't inlcude me into this travesty... hahaha..

ekkum shnekkum said...

unya bikanoy, unsaon nalang ang pag-moams nimo sa notes nilang deane ug jay-r ????! bulgarian and show. :->


pwede mu-coffing ni jay-r ? and mu-moams dash ni deane ? whiz char.

[matud pang nivra etaira banks] tiaf!

skewer said...

I want to meet your cousin too! hehehe

SShofa wax