Saturday, February 02, 2008

Munchausen by Proxy

I just finished watching an movie on HBO called Glass House: The Good Mother and I learned one new thing today: MBP or Munchausen by Proxy.

Interestingly, MBP is a rare form of psychological disorder where a parent - and studies have shown that it is almost always a mother - fabricate or induce educational disabilities in their children out of a pathological need to get attention for themselves. It is call "by proxy" because, in the usual munchausen disorder, it is the person himself or herself who fabricates or induces illness to get attention.

Pretty strange world we live in, where mothers do this just to get attention. I'm not sure if we have had cases of MBP diagnosed in the Philippines, but probably there are some out there that we have failed to recognize. I don't believe this only happens in the US.

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