Monday, February 21, 2005

Am I gay?

See how gay I am? This was taken by yours truly during my monologue at Bantawan Sugbu. I would like to thank the Pink Posse for supporting my showbiz endeavor, especially to Aldwyn for gracing my show even though he was scheduled to leave for Britannia the following day; my friends from UP, and of course the Rainbow Coonection (whoever most of their members are).


Мокый said...

levi figures as one of their number.

Growler said...

I would definitely watch it even if my flight is scheduled on that night. The Posse will definitely support you in every endeavor you will undertake. YOu just have to figure out a way to go to the UN so you can spread your wings there too.

It is bound to happen that every Posse will have to make it big somewhere. You go, girl!!!