Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have always wondered what was wrong with the picture of Lozada's touring campuses and other institutions, helping destabilize the government in the guise of "searching for the truth". He also has a propensity to release the "truth" in installments, which is in itself suspect. Why am I the only one to see this? If he is hell bent in revealing the f***ing truth, then he should have done it in one sitting. Not this bits and pieces of half-baked truths and downright conjectures.

Another thing that bothers me: he revels in his role as a "hero" of the "Filipino people". I am posting a video clip from GMA below so you can see how ecstatic (and stupid-looking, I might add) he looks when he tours campuses. If you are a witness bent on revealing only the truth and whose life is in major peril, shouldn't you be humble and low-key? Lozada is either mentally retarded or is starting to get the star-complex, which does not win him any points in Cebu.

To echo Cardinal Vidal in the above interview, WE DON'T WANT JUN LOZADA in Cebu! He should go back to those insipid nuns who swallow his lies hook, line, and sinker!

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