Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye to 270 Years of History

Argao has always pride itself of being a "heritage town", due mainly because of its almost intact Spanish-period walled complex and a sprinkling of venerable old houses. For the past two years now that I have been living here in Argao and for the past one year and two months that I have held the position of Executive Director of the Municipality of Argao Cultural and Historical Commission, I have been also proud to talk about Argao's rich historical buildings and other heritage sites.

Now, I am very, very appalled at what is happening to the last tisa-roofed municipal building of Cebu. Without consulting me, the local government of Argao has decided to renovate the entire interior of the Casa Real, Argao's more than 270-year old municipal building. In going about the improvements without proper consultation with my office, the local government has erased more than two centuries of history.
Below are just some of the old drawings on the ceiling that are being erased by the workmen every passing hour.

(Two of the bird drawings to be found on Argao's Casa Real)

(Two of the flower drawings to be found on Argao's Casa Real)

How many more senseless attacks to the rich cultural heritage of Argao should happen before people take action?

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Anonymous said...

ka sayang...pati pa ang church altar. why are some people not paying attention to these cultural heritage treasures?