Monday, March 17, 2008


It continues to amaze me how we as a nation could boast that we love democracy and liberty and all those abstract nouns without looking long and hard at ourselves in the mirror every time we utter our adherence to democracy and its principles.

It continues to make me shake my head whenever I see the concept of democracy used by politicians who are, in reality, not after the truth, much less democracy. People who are only after their personal interests.

Why would the Black and White Movement condemn Cardinal Vidal? Why should they make such statements without any proof? When pressed for their evidence that the Cardinal instructed ALL 300 priests of Cebu not to officiate for feeble-minded-looking Jun Lozada, they would switch to moral authority and all that b*lls*it. Talk about hypocritical.

What does this imply of us Cebuanos? That not one Cebuano priest is strong enough to counter the Cardinal's command, if indeed he did stop these priests from saying mass? Is the B&W Movement suggesting that Cebuano priests, and Cebuanos by extension, are cowardly and could not think for themselves?

Who died and made Leah Navarro an expert on the workings of Church and State dynamics?

Who gave the B&W M the right to malign our Cardinal, our priests, and the Cebuano country?

Is this because the tone in Cebu is different? Is it because Cebuanos are more logical, and can think better, that now we are being accused of whatever pathetic accusation? Why should Cebu care for Jun Lozada? They want to make him a hero? Fine! Cebuanos do not consider thieves, even thieves who air out other thieves' dirty laundry, as heroes. Why should we? Jun Lozada admitted he committed graft and corruption, among other crimes. So now we are supposed to just welcome him to Cebu like a statesman? Not!!!

I am outraged at the insinuations that the Black and White Movement have made. I am ashamed to think that the people accusing Cardinal Vidal as a government puppet and alluding to the stupidity of Cebuanos are also Filipinos.

Whatever is the reality behind this controversy, I am proud to say that I am Cebuano. I am proud to say that my Governor, Gwen Garcia, and my Mayor, Tomas Osmena, and Cebu's most senior prelate, Cardinal Vidal, are willing to listen to all sides before making any stand that might ultimately be more harm than cure.

Cebu has always been a bastion of opposition. Above all, Cebu has always been a bastion of independent-thinking. Shame on Leah Navarro and her Black and White Movement for slandering the Cebuano people!

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