Saturday, March 08, 2008


Finding nothing better to do and finally getting the urge to make the family trees of some fictional families I have been so devoted to, I hereby present the genealogies of:

1. The Gilmore Girls - this is a simple tree showing the descent of the Gilmore Girls from the first Lorelei Gilmore. Although the show was all about family and relationships very few references to genealogy were ever made.

2. Harry Potter - using the two family trees made by JK Rowling based on her Harry Potter series, I also made my own conjectures and attached certain families to missing links to complete the Harry Potter Genealogy.

3. Charmed Ones - family tree of the Charmed sisters from Charlotte Warren. There have always been attempts to connect the Charmed Ones to Melinda and Charlotte Warren but there are several generations missing from Melinda to the Charmed sisters' great-grandmother. However, using the names of the witches mentioned in the Source Vanquishing spell, I also made my own inferences and connected the missing generations.

Well, there we have it. The first installment of my fictional genealogy series.


Anonymous said...

could you please enlarge the writing on the charmed, gilmore girls and harry potter family trees? the wrinting is too tiny to make out anything... hope you don't mind the request and obviously no offnse intended

Anonymous said...

In the charmed ones family tree... Phoebe's last name is Halliwell, Not Bennett.

Anonymous said...

I'm most interested in the Harry Potter one. It's quite confusing though.