Friday, February 03, 2012

Burping Balamban Liempo

I finally got the chance to taste the much talked-about Balamban liempo. Someone told me about this Cebu-based liempo place near the Buhangin fly-over. I've always considered myself a good judge of anything related to meat, and after two days of having Balamban liempo as my meal well, I have a few things to say.

First, the price is a bit higher than the usual liempos in Davao City. At P180.00 per order it is P50.00 higher than most liempos in the city. However, at that price, one gets the satisfaction of getting a bigger-sized portion per order. In fact, based on my recent order I would surmise that it is almost twice as much as the other liempos in the city. So for the price of P180.00 I guess it is worth the price.

Pricing and size of serving aside, the main thing I can say about the liempo is its too overpowering smell. The servers say it is because of the herbs they rub the meat with. I suppose many people love the smell but I for one do not like the smell. It destroys the experience in its entirety. Every mouthful would remind my senses that there was a powerful smelling hunk of meat in my mouth. And the worst part was the smell I had in my mouth and esophagus which stayed for more than 12 hours.

In the end, I'd still go for Andok's liempo if I were in Cebu or Manila and Uloy's liempo in Davao.


Lembest Lechon said...

Cebu has the record of having the best lechon in the world :) Proud to be Pinoy, lechon manok

Alex Neil said...

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