Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Books for the month

Finally! Done reading these three books in less than two weeks. With no real work lately, and no boyfriend to speak of, these books, varied their genre, have kept me company. King's was a bit dragging, and I read it out of respect for the brilliant master that he is. Bushnell's was fun, fun, fun! Liberating! And Brown's was, as always, illuminating, for lack of a better and less cheesy term. Now, i'm reading AMAZONIA, sent to me by fellow bookcrosser from CA Cheryl Ratcliff!


skewer said...

im still in the first part of angels and demons, i do have the spare time to read it, but i couldnt... its so frustrating.

rmacapobre said...

> angels and demons

is it any good?

LyZa said...

I love angels and demons!