Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yellowcab - Yellow is for Happiness?

When Yellowcab Pizza opened in 2001, founded by Eric Puno, something promising seemed to have appeared out of thin air and pizza eating in the Philippines became even better. The Yellowcab franchise seemed to have raised the bar higher when it came to pizza appreciation. And for a few years the franchise grew into something even better and today is now in at least 5 countries.

Since I discovered them to be something my taste buds could actually appreciate about 5-6 years ago I have been loyally ordering various flavors of their pizza from their various franchises in Cebu, Manila, and now in Davao.

The nearest YC from my house is located in Damosa, and I have been occasionally ordering from this branch every time I've been on vacation and then I have been ordering thrice or four times a month since I went back to live in Davao in 2010. And since then they have been committing one customer service blunder after another.

A. Once, I found a tiny, hairy, and awfully familiar looking leg-like thing on one of the pizzas. I lost all my appetite and threw away the whole box which most likely had cockroach parts sprinkled all over the cheese.

B. Another time I asked for extra pepper and ketchup for my brother and they forgot about it.

C. One time I also asked for ice with my 1.5 L soda and they forgot.

D. Just recently I had to tell their delivery guy "wait, let me finish giving instructions first before you talk" as the guy would cut me off every time I gave directions to our place.

E. One time I ate there with some friends and we were seated outside it started to rain and none of their staff even bothered to help us with our tables and chairs.

I love their pizza, and would probably order again. I even ordered from them even after finding a cockroach leg on my pizza. I just hope they bother to train their people in customer service. A simple "sorry" could go a long a way and getting a customer service instructor would be more affordable compared to losing one customer per month.

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