Friday, March 14, 2008


The way I figured it, I'm truly an amalgam of different regional groups from the Philippines with spots of Chinese and Spanish colors thrown in as well. But interestingly, my Philippine roots are all Bisayan. I have one ancestor who was Manila, a Tuason (Tuazon), but he himself was a Chinese mestizo, and he himself abandoned his lovechild in Leyte, so I guess that is where my strong anti-Luzon feelings come from.

Here is a breakdown of my bloodline:

+ Filipino = 91.40625%

Cebuano - 40.02625 %
Leyte├▒o - 18.75 %
Negrense - 17 %
Boholanon - 15.63 %

+ Chinese - 7.03125 %

+ Spanish - 1.5625 %

My family has traveled from many places, and here is a simple chart showing the genealogy of my family origins.

My pedigree chart may be seen here.

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