Monday, July 18, 2005

Mah behbeh

Well, what do you know? I'm back with a vengeance. About almost a month ago I was chatting in BC when I saw this nick. I macked him, and it turned out he was a nice guy to talk with. I don't deny the fact that his being in Tacloban was a turn off, after all I was just looking for some casual encounters and Tac also reminds me of my soulmate. But what was initially sexual turned into something worthwhile, and, before long, we were exchanging "i love yous". He was here yesterday, and he just left a few hours ago. Our time was fun, and he met several of my best friends. My friends like him, and he enjoyed my friends' company. We're so, I don't know. Complementary.

I've finally settled into something sane and relaxing attitude lately. I guess life truly knows how to move on, and that all wounds heal. I'm thankful for good friends who are always there, but most of all for mynew partner who has accepted me for all that I am.

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