Friday, March 18, 2005

Recent Heartaches et. al.

I made two promises last January: to be more selfish, and thus it would follow that i'd shun
having another relationship. But it would seem that some mystical force is controlling the flow of mt life lately. Here are just some...
...Recent developments in my life:
1. A series of unfortunate events ... I saw the movie and it seems I too have been a victim of a series of unfortunate events.
2. Met this really smart, young, but nice guy. I fell for him, fast!
3. I don't think he likes me.
4. I'm still jobless.
5. I think the gods are conspiring against me.


skewer said...

maybe they are. love doesn't come that easy.

Growler said...

gods are not conspiring against you, toddles. look at me? still single diba? pareha ra ta duha. we shouldn't look at it that way or else... *wink*

moki said...

The gods are clearly conspiring against you. Have you given some thought about revenge ? I can lend a hand. Or two.