Monday, January 17, 2005

Life's Sorrows

After a very tiring day yesterday I woke up quite late today and checked my email messages immediately. The first thing that caught my mind was this, a sickening, hard disappointment, one of the many that have plagued me lately: I got rejected in something I truly wanted.

Well, after my roller-coaster year, who could blame me if I wanted to jump off the highest point here in Sanciangko? But life, as always, finds a way to appease you, by hook or by crook. As I was about to close my email I saw another email from Wredel, a friend from Davao. One of our previous teachers, Sir Stan, recently passed away and this just made my very recent disappointment disappear. Sir Guigui to me and the other YOCI (Youth Organization for Community Involvement), he was an always absent-minded, jolly old man who loved his profession and who Ateneo to death. Wow, it seems only yesterday when we did all those activities for our org...and now he's gone. Godspeed Sir Guigui!

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