Friday, November 12, 2004

Life is Beautiful

I love life. Posted by Hello

Take time to wake up early once in a while to listen to the symphony of nature's voices. Take time to watch the sun rise from the east and let it bathe you in its magnificent hues. Take time to see the lushness of the trees and hear the singing of the birds. Stop from rushing once in a while and take a moment to marvel at the flowers that bloom in your garden or on the sidewalk. People in the streets need not be strangers to you. Take time to smile at them once in a while, never mind if they may think that you have lost your mind by smiling at complete strangers. Eat out with friends, not in fast food chains but somewhere where you can enjoy the rituals of waiting for your order and just chatting with them nonstop. Take a break from work to spend time with your family or friends. Call long lost friends, invite them for coffee or for a night out. Take the time to go on an extended vacation and take your mind off work. Eat dinner at home with your mother and father and siblings. Stop, for once, thinking about tomorrow. It is wise to think of our future once in a while, but not always. Live each waking moment of your life as it is. Enjoy every precious moment you have with family friends, and treat everyday as your last. This is what makes life so beautiful. Life is filled with mysteries, filled with uncertainties. God made it this way so that we can enjoy every waking second of our life. As we go through life each day, learn to treasure every experience and every person that comes your way. Enjoy everything and cherish everyone. This is the purpose of life.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I and my friend stared at the slow but reassuring rising of the sun. We both held our breath as the sun slowly bathed everything in its golden rays. That sunrise gave me a lot to think about. That sunrise reminded me that I am but one speck in God's creation, but I too mattered in the grand scheme of things. I have touched the lives of others, and if I am gone, like Sir Misajon, people would surely miss me. Life is beautiful, as it is precious. Enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy it, because God gave it to us to be treasured.

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