Wednesday, April 07, 2010


My name is TODD LUCERO SALES. You don’t know me. And I certainly don’t care to know you. I am very proud to say that I, and only I, wrote the supposedly anonymous article entitled A LETTER OF CONDEMNATION AGAINST GOVERNOR GWENDOLYN FIEL GARCIA FOR HER GROSS AND INTENTIONAL NEGLECT OF THE MEDICAL NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE OF ARGAO. This was not orchestrated, penned, dictated, or crafted by any of your enemies, real or otherwise. No one influenced, coerced, paid, or suggested to me to write it. I wrote it because my very dear friend, colleague, and cousin, the late Theodore “Ted” Gumila Villarimo, Argao’s Tourism Officer, died in a hospital that is run and financed by the Provincial Government of Cebu, which you head as Governor.

I condemned, continue to condemn, and will continue to condemn you, Governor Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia, until the day I die.

I condemn your leadership because you have neglected to stop Ted’s death and many other deaths in the province of Cebu, when you, as Governor, could have.

Why do people have to pay for ambulance transport to the city when admitted in district hospitals?

Why do hospitals let ambulances leave their premises even when no medical practitioner is with the patient?

Why are there inadequate medicines in these hospitals?

If these problems are not of the Provincial Government’s making, and as Mr. Sepulveda said these are not policies of the province, why then are these happening also in Talisay City and San Remigio, to name two places where deaths have happened due to similar or even worse cases as in Argao?

Even if the issue is limited to Argao, which I doubt, why has it taken so long for the Capitol to have an investigation?

Why can the province spend SEVEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS worth of multicabs in ARGAO ALONE (remember, you distributed 45 brand-new multicabs to the 45 barangays of Argao, even to those barangays which already have a multicab in the last few weeks). One of the multicabs could have already paid for 32 PULMO AIDES or 32,000 biogesic, neozep, and alaxan tablets.

Why spend 9 MILLION PESOS in cash prizes for both Pasigarbo sa Sugbo competitions? The money could have easily bought 264,705 ampules of ventolin solution to be used for the pulmo aide in the hospital.

Do not continue to deny that the capitol is blameless. Do not continue to use politics as a defense because, to begin with, there is no politics involved here. I resent the insinuations Mr. Sepulveda have made because using this issue as a shield is a very, very, very big slap and insult to the memory of Ted Villarimo.

Kay ngano man, gituyo sa mga kontra ni Gwendolyn ang kamatayon sa akong amigo, Mr. Sepúlveda?

Kay ngano, kung mapilde ka Gwen, mabuhi kaha ang namatay nakong higala?

Ayaw intawn gamita ang kamatayon sa akoang higala para mag-Ponsho Pilato ka, Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia.

Tubaga ang among mga pangutana. Kanang imong gipanggasto sa kompanya, why don’t you pour that money to the hospitals?

Kanang kwarta nga imong ipahimog dagkong tarps or newspaper ads nga naa imong nawng pirmi, why don’t you use that for the hospitals?

I have not been hiding the fact that I hate your guts Governor Garcia. You have commercialized and degraded the sanctity of the mandate given to you by the people of Cebu. I don’t care what you do, as long as you do not waste taxpayers’ money on useless extravagance nga ikaw ray priming bida.

Although I grew up in Davao City, I have always been proud to call myself a Cebuano. Now, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of Cebu. Naulaw ko sa Sugbo kay imong gilapok-lapukan ang kaanindot og kahayag sa akong pinalanggang probinsya. Usab, ako si TODD LUCERO SALES og akong gikuyogan tanang mga tawo nga nagkahiusa sa paghukbong sa kawsa sa paghatag og saktong pagtagad sa medical nga sitwasyon sa mga tawo sa Sugbo.


Davao City, Philippines


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Anonymous said...

I'm from Argao. In 1999 when I gave birth to my baby and I needed to be rushed to the city, my family had trouble requesting for abulance service. For one thing the ambulance could not be located right away, was parked elsewhere. Secondly we had to find the driver on duty who was not with the ambulance either. It's a small town, yes, but when it's a matter of life and death you pretty much don't have that much time to play tag with people. And thirdly, we had to gas up the ambulance at our expense since the gas tank was empty. Also, to acquire approval of request for medical emergency transportation, we had to run around town to find the officers who need to sign the service request form. So much for some sense of urgency, nobody knows what it is. If you're dying you might as well just die peacefully at home than die begging for help no one's willing to give. It's a lousy system. My daughter now is turning 11, I was hoping the system has improved. I am dismayed.