Sunday, April 18, 2010

The REAL State of the Province of Cebu

Several concerned friends of the late Ted Villarimo, who wish to seek justice for him and many more Cebuanos who have suffered from the constant neglect of Gwen Garcia of the medical needs of the people of Cebu, went around the various district hospitals of Cebu to see just exactly what the REAL state of the hospitals of the province of Cebu is.

How many times has Governor Gwen Garcia boasted that Cebu is THE RICHEST province in the Philippines? Well, the pictures below should tell every Cebuano how much Gwen is spending for our public hospitals.

In her website, she boasts of achievements in the health concerns of Cebuanos. To cite a few:

  1. Implementing improvement works on the rest of the 16 district hospitals all over the province
  2. Assists indigents who need anti-rabies vaccines and other medicines
  3. Distributed ambulances and mini-ambulances to local government units
  4. Outsourcing of medical personnel that perfected attendance of personnel and saved the Province some money, which are then spent on preventive health maintenance program such as supplemental feeding and the provision of sanitary toilets to barangays
The pictures below should tell the readers that there is no truth to the so-called improvement works in the district hospitals. And the anti-rabies campaign? Maybe because there is an infestation of stray cats in district hospitals! And the money for preventive health maintenance program? Shame on you Gwendolyn! Look at these beds! Start with those you idiot!

Distributed ambulance? So why the f**k is this sick person on board a multicab?

No matter how many times she denies it, even hospitals put her at the top of people responsible for the health of Cebuanos.

This is why the province has anti-rabies campaigns.

No wonder Glenn Soco is smiling. It's obvious he makes millions in his capitol contracts.

For a province that has billions in surplus, we sure do charge a lot for medical tests.

I dare Gwen Garcia, her father Pablo Garcia, and the Soco family to stay on these beds for a week.

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Whore of Babylon said...

I dare the Gwen rah-rah girls and gays to defend the dark queen with regard to this issue...sharo, naa gihapon moy maingon nga pamulitika ni?