Saturday, April 03, 2010


For someone who supposedly cares so much about Culture and History, Gwen Garcia is trying very hard to erase every vestige of reality that God has given her. While she has the capacity to change the many perceived flaws in her body, the rest of Cebu suffers everyday.

In my earlier article (click here to read Condemnation Letter Against Gwen Garcia) I specifically mentioned Argao as a victim of Gwen Garcia’s neglect of its medical needs. After speaking with some people from the Province it is apparent that Gwen Garcia is putting the blame on the District Hospital of Argao and its people, not the Provincial Government. Typical reaction of a coward and an insecure leader, Gwen Garcia’s apparent recommendation is the closure of Argao’s hospital.


We want better doctors and nurses, not those outsourced from Gwen Garcia’s running mate and rumored lover Glen Soco’s Powerline employment agency.

We want more medicines. We want an ambulance that can be found the moment it is needed. We want that everyone can use the ambulance without paying anything.

We do not want to close down the hospital, Gwen Garcia.

While going through some of the files I have on the province’s records I was amazed to see that in 1927, of the 652 births delivered in the towns of Alcantara, Alegria, Argao, Asturias, Badian, Balamban, Bantayan, Barili, Bogo, Boljoon, Borbon, Carmen, Catmon, and Compostela, only 14 DEATHS were experienced. This is a time when there were very few doctors available (Argao, for example, only had its first two doctors at this time: Dr. Manuel Lucero and Dr. Teodorico Kintanar). This was a time when people still expected high infant mortality due to lack of medication and proper hospitalization. However, it is amazing that only 14 babies died in that year. Argao, for its part, only had two deaths.

Why were there higher chances of survival when people went to government hospitals in 1927 as opposed to today?

Gwen Garcia should read this so she’ll realized how much damage she has done. Already, people from San Remigio, Talisay, and other parts of Cebu have voiced the same concerns over the dismal state of provincial hospitals.

There is no need to close down hospitals or terminate people from these hospitals. These people are simply following your rules, Gwen Garcia.

Perhaps, the next time you have a nasal or cheek implant or augmentation, you should have it done in one of your hospitals.

(This article was written by the owner of this blog, TODD LUCERO SALES, former Culture and Heritage Officer of the Municipality of Argao, on behalf of the many Argawanons who cannot or will not speak out.)

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