Monday, March 22, 2010

What Gwen has done to CSBT she can do to the Province of Cebu

(Wall fans instead of air-conditioning units)

(Dirt scattered, AND IGNORED, everywhere)

(Cheap [obviously substandard] tiles cracked and dirty)

(Dirty columns all around the terminal)

Has anyone looked at the Cebu South Bus Terminal lately? Last year, I breathed a sigh of immense relief when Governor Gwen Garcia inaugurated a very impressive, newly renovated CSBT. I didn't mind the extra P5.00 terminal fee, considering that with the new digs, I could wait in extreme ease and comfort for my bus going home to Argao. I loved the orderly fashion of getting a priority number and forming a line when boarding the bus. In my opinion, then, it was one of the reasons that I supported Gwen Garcia's governorship.

After just a few months, I started to feel that the air-conditioning units were no longer doing what they were supposed to do. The comfort rooms reeked of everything you didn't want to smell, and the people collecting the terminal fee were becoming more and more rude and would not care if you had to wait for an hour because they did not have change for your money (in times when you had no 5-peso coin). The walls and floors have become dirty, and the MIMs maintenance crew (who are all, incidentally, employees of Gwen's running mate, Glenn Soco) don't bother picking up the trash that are scattered everywhere.

Now, there is nothing but chaos when boarding a bus. The TVs are dead, the aircons no longer function and in their place are wall fans! So why the heck are we still paying P5.00?

Clearly, the Garcias have overstayed in power. Imagine what will happen to the rest of the province of Cebu if Gwen and her family continue to stay in power...

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